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As an artist I have the desire to tell the story of my paintings. I will be posting my art with the story next to it,so people can understand my inspiration at the time of painting it.

Friday, December 25, 2009


One month ago, I received an email from a Mexican young student who asked me permission to use my "Bicylce"artwork for his blog.
I asked him how he found it and if possible let me know beforehand what he was going to write about , and of course be free to use it.
He said he was writing on trips, with a group of friends and googled bycicle and mine was the chosen one.
To my surprise I googled my name, and there was also another Italian blogger that had used that same art work for a blog.

What a  coincidence (The Italian without my notice, but yes with my name beside it)

How I started painting

My fouth and last child was a premature baby, and had a very difficult first year of life.
It made me come down to earth, with my hurries, mother of 4 with full time job, my working schedule,our social life, our children' social life,but most of all it started my internal journey, and that led me to ART.