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As an artist I have the desire to tell the story of my paintings. I will be posting my art with the story next to it,so people can understand my inspiration at the time of painting it.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

January-February 2010 exhibition

During January and Februaary I had an ongoing exhibition in a Hollywood FL. Gallery called ANSU GALLERY.
The Gallery was very nicely set up, a friend and I took two of the 4 walls the gallery has, and set up our exhibit.
Hollywood has Gallery nights, 1 Saturday per month, the only problem we had was the very tough winter Miami had this year. There were not many who strolled out at night with those low temperatures.
The opening night was very nice, I had lost the feeling of it. It had been two years since I had an exhibit.

No sales marked, but an important notice, another gallery in the same block liked my art and asked for three pieces for their ongoing exhibition this month of March.
So I am still connected, very happy and trying to start my new paintings. I am working on it.

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