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As an artist I have the desire to tell the story of my paintings. I will be posting my art with the story next to it,so people can understand my inspiration at the time of painting it.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Digital Painting

Digital Painting came to me some years ago when I first started learning Photoshop and Illustrator.
I have taken new courses two months ago and have started a new series of paintings.
I have a whole new collection of them, I presented 4 of them last month at the New York Affordable art fair,
I really enjoy doing them and would very much like to take them to a new level.

Working on it.!!!

After one year

It has been one year since I wrote on this blog.
I was really mortified the last time when I could not upload my pictures, I have worked a lot during last year.
I continued my painting but I also took new courses on Digital Painting which I also love.

These two paintings are the last ones on my collection of indigenous art.

Southern Cross is made over Wall Paper, painted over with acrylics and the cross made out of leather.

Indian Trail was made over canvas, painted with acrylics and it was my first time using gold painting to give it a touch of richness to it. It has leather and wood added to it as well.
Indian Trail