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As an artist I have the desire to tell the story of my paintings. I will be posting my art with the story next to it,so people can understand my inspiration at the time of painting it.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


" Western Buddha "
It is difficult to paint at the house, little space to display all the art stuff, but now and then I manage to finish a painting.
My friend Patricia and I are trying hard to rent the space we had two years ago. We really worked hard over there and produced a lot.
It is incredible how the mind speaks through my artist fingers.I was amazed when I saw what came out in my last painting.
A BUDDHA..my whole body was claiming some meditation.
Thanks to the outcome of this painting I started looking for a space to meditate and I found one.

Why is it so difficult to update everything

Our lives are directed by the media exposure.
 It is our mails, more than one, Messenger, Facebook and all the other sites that we are into.

This year I decided not to work full time to have time for myself.
  I have updated my www.fineartamerica.com web site, I open that site every day and connect with discussions with other artists, I am glad I am doing it.

 I am also trying to sell at www.zazzle.com/active2*, this is fun, trying to place designs into some clothes and other household goods that they have.

I also engaged with www.spoonflower.com after realizing that my last designs would look nice into fabric. Made some swatches and left my design to sell there.

It has been really busy but I have not neglected my art.

I have drawn some hands, then I placed them on the computer and did some effects on them, finally I used the original drawing to do an artwork that resulted in "Rage behind close doors"

Might be I saw something on TV that led me to this work! who knows!

Original Drawing

Digitally tranformed
Final work of Art
Digitally transformed